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Tournage clip the avener Paris, France

Thomas Duchene

Based in Paris, FRANCE


Producer based in Paris, FRANCE. Shot mostly commercials, music videos and web content. Worked during more than two years for Paradoxal, inc, a service production company based in New York, after a few month in Los Angeles came back to France.


I always loved to organize things, create the best film possible from the idea of a director is something exciting I love to do. Really calm and organized I handle stress very well and know how to solve problems when they come. Worked with different crew and always looking for the best people to fit the projects I’m working on. 


Worked with a lot of luxury clients like Saint Laurent, Dior or Diesel, I am used to answer any expectations. Communication is one of my strengths, I know how to spread the informations so everyone is aware of what’s happening and the shoot can be smooth and problem free. 

Thomas is currently working for Soldats film as a Producer.

Tournage Parcels Rooftop session New York USA
Tournage Charlotte Gainsbourg Directeur de Production
Tournage Saint Laurent Directeur de production 2018

Contact me -[at]

+33 (0)6 26 94 12 65

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